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Paulo Bello

Director 33 Forest Capital

Since completing his studies in Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo in 1990, Paulo has been working in the financial and commodities sector (Agriculture, Softs, Energy and Carbon).  After working at Cargill, Intersnack and BHP Billiton, he co-founded 33 Asset Management in 2008.
There he continues to be involved with growth and strategy. In 2011 he co-founded 33 Forest Capital where his main activity is business development.

Walle Oppedijk van Veen

Director 33 Forest Capital

Since completing his studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2001, Walle has been working in the energy and carbon sector. After working at Accenture and BHP Billiton, he co-founded 33 Asset Management in 2008.
There he continues to be involved in project development, private equity transactions and carbon. In 2011 he co-founded 33 Forest Capital where his main activities revolve around project development and marketing & trading.


Ivana Cepon

Technical Director 

Ivana Cepon, graduated in chemical engineering at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) in Argentina, has 11 years of experience in the development of projects on climate change mitigation. She has extensive experience in CDM and VCS processes as well as in validation, verification and registration processes. Ms. Cepon developed a series of projects on greenhouse gas emission reduction in several countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Ivana was the general director of the first VCS-registered REDD Project in the Brazilian Amazon. Since 2011, Ivana is Technical Director of 33 Forest Capital and she is responsible for the general management of REDD projects.

Fernando Augusto Pinto

Project Manager 

Fernando Augusto Pinto graduated in Business Administration at Mackenzie University of São Paulo, Brazil, with a specialization in Strategic Planning, followed by post graduation education (MBA) in Project Management. Mr. Pinto has 20 years of experience in business management, working for international companies. He has been involved in the implementation of REDD projects in the last two years. Fernando was in charge of the coordination of field activities and financial aspects of the first VCS-registered REDD Project in the Brazilian Amazon. Since 2011, Fernando is the project manager of 33 Forest Capital and he is responsible for planning and implementing REDD project goals.

Francy Rosy Nava

REDD Projects Coordinator- Environmental Evaluation

Francy Nava graduated in 2007 in Environmental Engineering at the Universidade Estadual do Pará (UEPA), Brazil. Ms. Nava has specialized her education in Environmental Management at Faculdade Oswaldo Cruz and Instituto de Pós Graduação de Goiás. She worked as a researcher in Management & Ecology and Community & Forests for the Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia (IMAZON) and worked as the responsible environmental engineer for the logging company CKBV Florestal. Since 2010, Francy was directly involved in the coordination of the first registered REDD Project in the Brazilian Amazon. Since 2012, Francy is REDD technical coordinator of 33 Forest Capital and she in charge of environmental evaluation, satellite-forest and non-forest classification and compliance with the FSC criteria.

Jogi Humberto Oshiai

Director of Public Affairs

Jogi joined 33 Asset Management as a Board Adviser in July 2008 and 33 Forest Capital in 2011. He is also a Director for Public Affairs for FratiniVergano European Lawyers, specialized  in Trade and European and International Law,  a Special Adviser for Latin America of FIPRA and  an Associated Researcher of  UNICETEX/GEAGRO/FZEA of University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Prior to this, Jogi worked as a Director for Latin America Trade to the EU of O’Connor and Company, a specialized European law firm in Brussels , an Economic and Commercial Adviser at the Mission of Brazil to the European Union for more than 20 years, at the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo and at the European Commission.

Jogi holds a Post-Graduate degree in International Trade from the Solvay Business School, a Master in Management from the Brussels School of Economics and Management and a Master of International Politics from the Free University of Brussels.

Rita Nabais

Information Analyst


Rita Nabais graduated in 2013 in Global Economics and Management with a minor in Energy and Environmental Policy from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. She worked as a researcher for the United Nations Environment Programme Chemicals DTIE within the Global Mercury Partnership division and for the Portuguese Ministry of Finance. Rita has been working as an Information Analyst for 33 Forest Capital since 2013 and is specially involved in project development research and support, particularly relating to wastewater treatment systems and modules, emission reduction projects, REDD+, forest protection and sustainable commodities.

Maalke Blom

Project Lead - Ghana


Maaike Blom graduated in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a specialization in Development Studies and Gender, followed by a Master in Rural Extension Science at Wageningen University. Maaike has 15 years of experience managing multi country development programs in Africa for international non-profit organizations. The last 5 years she has been an independent consultant on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and inclusive business working for both corporate and non-profit organizations. Since 2014, Maaike is the project lead for the development of the Ghana sustainable cocoa and forest protection project. 

Betty Adjei

Project Coordinator -  Ghana


Betty Adjei joined 33Forest Capital in August, 2013 as part of the team working on the Sustainable Cocoa Project in Ghana. Prior to this work, she worked with Winrock International Ghana as the deputy country coordinator specifically on the ECHOES project in the cocoa sector. She was a lecturer in an agricultural university college where she taught for 12 years.  She also worked with the Agricultural Extension Services Department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Ghana before joining the Human Resources, Development and Management department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.  
She holds a post graduate degree in Social Science and Msc in the Management of Agro-ecological Systems and Social Change. She has specialized in technology and agrarian studies, Agro-biodiversity conservation and in standards and certification of commodity crops and value chains.

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