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33 Forest Capital are Global investors in REDD+ and specialists in REDD+ project implementation


33 FC has strengthened the team with Maaike Blom, an expert in social community projects. Furthermore, we have retained Betty Adjei (an agri PhD from Wageningen University) for our work currently underway in Ghana.


REDD+ projects are our focus due to their revolutionary ability to make trees worth more in the ground than out.


33 FC is proud to announce a new agreement with commodity house Touton. Together we will invest in Forest Conservation & Sustainable Commodities. Initial focus will be in implementing the REDD+ cocoa program in Ghana. We expect new opportunities in different regions and different commodities.


September 24, 2014: UN climate summit pledges to halt the loss of natural forests by 2030

New York declaration on forests could cut carbon emissions equivalent of taking all the world’s cars off the road


June 1, 2014: War On Coal

The Obama administration announces dramatic targets to reduce emissions from coal in the US. 


Ghana has been approved under the World Bank Fund to combat deforestation. 33 FC is working in Ghana for implementation of the REDD + program

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